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Trading Conditions

CONDITION OVERVIEWOverview of Trading Conditions

Key features to make your deal cost effective

  • Trading goods at excellent prices
  • Wide range of FX, precious metals, indices, cryptocurrencies and more
  • instrumentsLiquidity pools from top-tier liquidity providers
  • A simple and fast way to get money in and out
  • All trading styles, including full hedging and EA
Item Value
Trading Platfoem Metatrader4
Trading Contents Forex trading
Trading Type FIX API:NDD
Meta Trader 4 : Trading system
Currency Pair *** See the symbol specifications in MT4 or on the asset page.
Spreads *** See MT4 or the spreads page.
Trading Unit Meta Trader 4 : 1,000 Currency unit (0.01 lot)
Initial Deposit Over $5
Deposit Currency USD
Leverage Meta Trader 4:up to 1:2000
Margin Hedging When both sides of a trade, a 100% margin is required for both buying and selling.
Security of Funds We maintain segregated client accounts to ensure that client funds are completely segregated from our funds at all times.
Margin Call Meta Trader 4 : 80%
Cutting Losses Meta Trader 4 : 50%
Rollover Validity
Deposit and Withdrawal Fees Deposit: Free / Withdrawal: $25
Withdrawal Procedure Request from User’s client portal
Reflections of Withdrawals 1 to 3 business days (arrival of remittance depends on the number of days for processing by the bank)

FEATURESKey Features

Competitive and Low-cost Transactions

Our advanced trade matching engine is connected to the world’s leading banks and other liquidity providers to ensure competitive and low cost trading. Also, there are no obscure fees, such as account maintenance or running costs to trade with SvoFX.

  • There are no account opening fees.
  • There are no account maintenance fees or fees to be collected from inactive accounts.
  • Consistently competitive spreads
Slippage and Waiting Time

The slippage and latency that can occur due to market price fluctuations can affect settlement prices and trading strategies. We have built a robust network technology that supports ultra-fast trading to significantly reduce latency. At the same time, we monitor and control the degree of slippage to an acceptable level, ensuring that we maintain an efficient trading environment.

  • 100% automated online trading platform.
  • No dealer desk intervention
  • There is no intentional price manipulation or algorithmic software that conflicts with our clients’ interests.
  • Possible price slippage is due to market price fluctuations.
  • There is no asymmetric price slippage practice
No Requotes and Order Rejections.

Both requotes and rejections can affect the cost of your forex trading. In the case of a re-quote, the new price offered is often higher. A rejection, on the other hand, means that you will not be able to execute the trade at the price you expected.

  • No re-quotes – Once the request is received by the server, all orders will be executed at the valid market price.
  • There is no automatic rejection. A market order will only fail to execute if it is outside the selected upper and lower limits.