Precious Metals

Advantages of precious metal trading

Online gold and silver trading 

Diversified trading strategies 

High liquidity market 

Leverage, up to 1:100 at maximum 

Trade without hidden commission

Instrument SymbolCurrencyMin LotMax LotMinimal incrementAverage spread
GoldXAU/USD USD0.01100.010.29
SilverXAG/USD USD0.01100.0010.027

The margin requirement of CFD is calculated as the following method. “Batch number x Contract size, x Opening price x Margin rate”

  • Not based on the leverage of your transaction account.
  • When the market situation is ideal, the margin of CFD is usually 50%.
  • The spread/condition above is applicable to all trading accounts.
  • For new contract of financial commodities setting valid term, this company shall not provide automatic extension.

Precious Metal Trading

During the Time of Troubles in politics, economy and market, precious metal is often regarded as a safe asset.

US dollar is a pair with gold based on physical prices, and it is a spot commodity. Gold can be bought and sold according to appropriate time. Demand and supply can place a huge effect on this. Gold can be bought in the interbank market, and it is a very popular commodity.

Commodity like gold, is also a spot commodity pair on the basis of its physical price which can be bought and sold at specific time. Silver is widely used in jewelry accessories and consumer products, and demand and supply will have an effect on the market trend of this kind of pairs.

Precious metal is high quality assets, which can fulfill the diversity of physical trading strategies. Under the global market size, any one country independent of the whole world can not lead the demand and supply. Without paying additional commission, you can conduct profitable buying and selling in the rising and declining markets.

SVOFX provides a cross of gold and silver in the MT4 platform. Gold and silver are often traded against US dollars, and they can be traded just as other currency platforms.