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Svo Point Program

You can accumulate unlimited points and convert them into cash credit bonuses.

Trade Point

Just make a trade, and you’ll save every time.

Just by trading daily, you can earn Svo points(SVP) that can be exchanged for margin as a cash credit bonus. There is no need to register to earn points. All you have to do is start trading and you can start earning points immediately.

Trade points are automatically upgraded to a higher point level when the trading day reaches the default period, and the points earned increase with each point level. The point level calculated on a cumulative basis will never go down.

You can exchange your accumulated points for trading credit bonuses at any time. The exchange will be based on the conversion rate to credit bonus.

Point Level Point/Lot Period(Day) Granting
Level 1 10 0 Closed orders will be granted the next day.
Level 2 15 30 Awarded the day after the end of the period.
Level 3 18 60
Level 4 20 100

※Trade points will be awarded for each round-trip trade with a holding time of 10 minutes or more.
※Trade points are awarded for each round-trip trade of 10 minutes or more. One round-trip trade is counted as one trading day, and the number of days an order is carried over is not counted.
※Trades with credit bonuses without deposit are not eligible to receive trade points..
※No trade points will be awarded if the account balance is zero.
※Granted only for Standard Plan trades. (Micro plan and Professional plan are not applicable)
※The number of points is subject to change due to campaigns and other reasons.

Ranking Point

Earn points by trading results and rank-in.

You can earn Svo points(SVP) by ranking in the trader rankings in the client area. You do not need to register to receive points. You can get points for trading results. You will receive points for every trade you make, so you can earn points every day as long as you keep ranking in each category.

You can exchange your accumulated points for trading credit bonuses at any time. You can convert your points into trading credit bonuses at any time, depending on the conversion rate.

  • Please note that the conversion rate is subject to change due to promotions and other factors.
  • Ranking Point Granting
    Trader List(Daily) 10 Granted daily at 10:00 a.m. ranking.
    Trader List(Weekly) 10
    Trader List(Monthly) 10

    ※If the trader list is set to hidden or if the profile photo is not registered, it will not be reflected in the ranking and points will not be awarded.
    ※The number of points is subject to change due to campaigns and other reasons.

    Svo Point Exchange

    10SVP=1Credit Bonus
    • You can exchange any one of your accumulated points for a trading credit bonus that can be used as margin.
    • When you redeem them, they will be added to your trading account as active margin and can only be used for trading.
    • Points are redeemed according to the credit bonus redemption rate.
    • Credit bonus can be redeemed to a Standard or Professional account

    Withdrawal of Credit Bonus

    Profits earned from the credit bonus after redeeming points can be withdrawn at any time, but the percentage of the withdrawal request against the available amount will be lost from the credit bonus. The transfer of funds from the relevant account will also be applied.
    Credit bonuses are fair and impartial to all traders and expand profit opportunities as a margin along with real money. Withdrawals that involve intentional abuse or organized fraudulent transactions are prohibited.

    Withdrawal terms apply to profits earned only from credit bonuses with no deposit amount.
    -Transactions must be at least 5 lots in total
    -Maximum withdrawal amount: up to 500 USD (remaining balance and credits will be lost)
    Example of lost transaction credit bonus when making a withdrawal
    ①Deposit ②Points Earned ③After Exchange ④Profit Earned from Credit Bonus ⑤Available①+④ ⑥Withdrawal Request Losing Credit Bonus③✖️(⑥/⑤)
    $1,000 3,000 $300 $500 $1,500 $1,000 300✖️(1,000/1,500)=$200
    ②Points earned
    ③After Exchange
    ④Profit earned from credit bonu
    ⑥Withdrawal request
    Losing credit bonus③✖️(⑥/⑤)

    If you have any questions about the Svo points program, please feel free to contact us at

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