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Invest in Professional Strategies and Share Profits

SvoFX’s PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) account service connects investors with an account manager who acts as a trading agent, safely and securely supporting the interests of both parties.
Investor deposits funds into his/her own account and entrusts trading to the account manager. Investors have the opportunity to earn profits without trading themselves. Investing funds by choosing to trade in the strategies of the managing account manager. The investor receives a portion of the profits from the trades of the managed funds. There are public and private PAMMs, and private PAMMs are by invitation only.

PAMM Investor

By opening an Invest account with PAMM, you can invest in your account manager’s investment strategies at any time. Trading is outsourced to the manager and you earn the proceeds after the order closes.


Even if you are not familiar with trading, opening and investing in a PAMM Invest account gives you the opportunity to earn high returns.


Discretionary trading, social trading, PAMM, and multiple investments allow you to diversify your risk and lead to stable investment results.


Participate at any time and in multiple investments. Withdrawals at regular withdrawal times.


Investment Method


Open Invest Account

Open a PAMM Invest account in the client port.


Deposit funds

Deposit investment funds into the Invest account.


Invest in Strategies

Submit LPOA, invest in strategy.

PAMM Account Manager


He/she is the trading agent for investors, executes investment strategies and earns commission fees, and manages investment operations in PAMM’s manager account.


You trade with the investor’s funds and get a commission from a portion of the profits. Any percentage can be set.


Managers can create as many unique strategies as they want and publish several at the same time.

PAMM System

All calculations regarding the investor are done automatically. Investors do not have access to their transaction history.

Using PAMM Account Services

Investing with PAMM is an investment strategy with proprietary trading by the account manager chosen by the investor according to the investor’s own objectives and responsibilities.SvoFX, which provides the security of PAMM accounts and a secure funds calculation and platform, does not guarantee or suggest the account manager and its strategies. SvoFX does not guarantee or suggest account managers and their strategies.


Questions and inquiries regarding Account Manager applications and PAMM in general.

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