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For Investors and Account Managers

INVESTMENTInvest Account


PAMM/MAM/SVO-LAMM account is a management technique where investors deposit funds into their own accounts and delegate trades to an account manager (manager). It is a unique product that allows investors to earn without having to trade.

Type Mid-Long Term Mid-Long Term Short Term
Fast Account Opening
Small Initial Capital
All Dedicated Accounts
Viewing Trading History
Investors’ Own Midway Participation and Withdrawal
Profit Sharing

For Investors.


Even if you are new to trading, you can open an investment account and invest with the opportunity for higher returns.


Investing multiple investments in each PAM, MAM and SVO-LAMM account allows you to diversify your risk and leads to consistent investment results.


Unlike PAMM and MAM, trades made by the account manager, the parent account, are copied and executed in proportion to the margin deposited by the investor (the sub-account). The investor can join and settle the trade at any time.

Investment Account

Investment Methods


Open Account

Open an account for Investment in the client area.


Decide How Much to Invest

Decide which funds to invest and deposit the funds into your account.


Funds Begin to Wor

Choose an investment strategy for your account manager to invest in.

For Account Managers

Account Manager


Manage investor money and earn commissions from a portion of your profits. You can further increase your commission by attracting many investors.


Account managers are evaluated by independent ratings to maintain their credibility and promotional advantage.


All calculations for investors are done automatically, and three different types of investment products can be offered to suit your trading strategy.

Investment Account

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