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Follow Bonus

Bonus with Japanese Official Account$100

Twitter Official

Flow until bonus acquisition


Action on Twitter

Follow, retour, and like in order from the links above.


User information

Enter your information on the user input screen during the action.



If you clear all, the lock will be unlocked and you will get the bonus right.


Bonus reflection

A credit bonus will be given to your real account the next business day.

How to Use Points

In order to trade your earned points (SVP) for credit bonuses, no deposit is required, but you will need to activate your account (submit KYC).
If you have not activated your account, please login to the client portal and verify your identity.

Svo Point Exchange

10SVP=1Credit Bonus
  • You can exchange any one of your accumulated points for a trading credit bonus that can be used as margin.
  • When you redeem them, they will be added to your trading account as active margin and can only be used for trading.
  • Points are redeemed according to the credit bonus redemption rate.

Withdrawal of Credit Bonus

Profits earned from the credit bonus after redeeming points can be withdrawn at any time, but the percentage of the withdrawal request against the available amount will be lost from the credit bonus. The transfer of funds from the relevant account will also be applied.

Example of lost transaction credit bonus when making a withdrawal
①Points Earned ②After Exchange ③Profit Earned from Credit Bonus ④Deposit Available③+④ ⑥Withdrawal Request Losing Credit Bonus②✖️(⑥/⑤)
1,000 $100 $250 $1,000 $1,250 $1,000 100✖️(1,000/1,250)=$80
①Points earned
②After Exchange
③Profit earned from credit bonu
⑥Withdrawal request
Losing credit bonus②✖️(⑥/⑤)

If you have any questions about the Svo points program, please feel free to contact us at

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