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Deposit and Withdrawal


Deoisit Method Currency Time to Reflect Min Deposit Max Deposit Once Fees
Bank Trasfer USD 3 – 5 business days *1 $5 $50000 Free※2
VISA USD instant $5 $1000 Free※3
JCB USD instant $5 $1000 Free※3
Bitcoin USD Instant $100 No Limit 3.5%
Ethereum USD instant $100 No Limit 3.5%
Ripple USD Instant $100 No Limit 3.5%
USDT USD Instant $100 No Limit 3.5%

Funds from all clients will be credited to the SvoFX client account once. The funds will then be transferred to your SvoFX trading account within business days.

※1 Your balance will be reflected in the balance within approximately 5 business days of your deposit request (transfer and payment request sent).

  • You will not be charged an internal fee for the deposit.
  • Additional fees, such as bank transfer fees and intermediary bank fees, are required.

※2 If the payment is made by bank transfer, the collection agency will deduct $30 → $0(free campaign, our cost)as a fee.
※3 SvoFX does not charge a deposit fee, but there is an 8% card fee.

Bank TransferOfficialSaiwin


Withdrawal Mrthod Currency Time to Reflect Min Withdrawal Max Withdrawal Once Fees
Bank Transfer USD 3 – 5 Business days *1 $5 $100,000※2 $25

All transactions will be processed on the day the withdrawal request is received.

※1 Disbursements will be made by international wire transfer. If there are no problems with your application, the funds will be transferred to your designated bank account within 3-5 business days.
※2 This is the amount of money to be withdrawn per transaction.