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Deposit Bonus

100% up to $500 deposit, up to $5,000 two-tier bonus


Up to $500


Up to $4,500 total

We offer a two-tier bonus on your deposit. You will receive a total of $5,000 for your investment. You will be able to start trading with a larger margin.

  • Immediately reflected in your deposit
  • Available for MT4 accounts
  • For both new and existing customers
  • No limit on the number of deposits

※The deposit bonus is a two-tiered bonus of 100% up to $500 and 20% up to a maximum total of $5,000.
※The bonus can only be used for margin and cannot be withdrawn, but the profit earned from the bonus can be withdrawn at any time.
※This does not apply to deposits to My Wallet. Deposits to an opened MT4 account are eligible.

Trading Credit Bonus Example of granting

Deposit Applicable Bonus Granted Trading Capital Balance
$100 100% bonus on $100 $100 $200
$200 100% bonus on $200 $200 $400
$500 100% bonus on $500 $500 $1,000
$1,000 100% bonus on $500 + 20% bonus on $500 $500+$100=$600 $1,600
$2,000 100% bonus on $500 + 20% bonus on $1,500 $500+$300=$800 $2,800
$5,000 100% bonus on $500 + 20% bonus on $4,500 $500+$900=$1,400 $6,400
$10,000 100% bonus on $500 + 20% bonus on $9,500 $500+$1,900=$2,400 $12,400
$23,000 100% Bonus on $500 + 20% Bonus on $22,500 $500+$4,500=$5,000 $28,000
  • Funds that can be withdrawn with the funds deposited by the customer.
  • This is a dedicated fund for trading. Profits from trades are added to your balance and can be withdrawn.
  • This is the sum of the funds you have deposited and your trading credit bonus.

Deposit Bonus Terms

  1. The deposit bonus will be applied to deposits to your MT4 account, deposits to My Wallet are not eligible for the campaign.
  2. The deposit bonuses will be reflected in your deposited account
  3. The bonus cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used as margin. You can withdraw any profit you make using the bonus as margin.
  4. The credit bonus for a given account cannot be transferred to another account.
  5. Transfer of funds is not considered as a deposit.
  6. The credit bonus will be voided if the following transactions are determined to be
    • Bilateral trading and suspicious transactions among multiple vendors.
    • Double-sided transactions and suspicious transactions within a specific group.
    • Transactions deemed malicious by taking advantage of defects in the services or systems provided.

    In case of any other suspected fraud, we reserve the right to cancel the credit bonus.

  7. We reserve the right to change the deposit bonus terms and conditions without prior notice.

Withdrawal of Credit Bonus

Profits earned from the credit bonus after redeeming points can be withdrawn at any time, but the percentage of the withdrawal request against the available amount will be lost from the credit bonus. The transfer of funds from the relevant account will also be applied.

Example of lost trading credit bonus when making a withdrawal
①Deposit ②Applicable Bonus ③Granted ④Profit Earned
from Bonus
⑥Withdrawal Request Losing Credit Bonus
$1,000 100% Bonus on $500 +
20% bonus on $500
$600 $1,000 $500
($1000 of 50%)
$1,000 100% Bonus on $500 +
20% bonus on $1,500
$600 $2,000 $3,000 $3,000
($3,000 of 100%)
$2,000 100% bonus on $500 +
20% bonus on $1,500
$800 -$500 $1,500 $400
($1,500 of 30%)
($800 of 30%)

The purpose of the trading credit bonus is to increase your trading margins and provide you with a better trading environment, and any use of the bonus for purposes other than those for which it was provided may be considered abuse of the bonus.

By depositing, we will consider that you have accepted the terms.

If you have any questions about deposit bonus, please feel free to contact us at

Customer Support