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Crypto Currencies

Easy leveraged trading of cryptocurrencies

Crypto asset CFD trading allows you to aim for larger profits with less money than with physical trading of cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Trading

High volatility
High volatility – Greater price volatility
Profits even in a down market
Short and long as the market rises and falls.
major currencies such as Bitcoin
Trading in major currencies such as Bitcoin
No hidden fees
No hidden fees

Cryptocurrency Spreads and Consitions

Symbol Instruments Lot Size Tick Size Avg Spreads Long Swap Short Swap
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash 1 0.01 129 -166.2 -165.9
BTCUSD Bitcoin 1 0.01 1440 -49.7 -48.8
ETHUSD Ethereum 1 0.01 105 -5.50 -5.50
LTCUSD Litecoin 1 0.01 33 -4.93 -4.75
Symbol Instruments Lot Size Tick Size Avg Spreads Long Swap Short Swap
BCHUSD_c Bitcoin Cash 1 0.01 12 -166.2 -165.9
BTCUSD_c Bitcoin 1 0.01 38 -49.7 -48.8
ETHUSD_c Ethereum 1 0.01 18 -5.50 -5.50
LTCUSD_c Litecoin 1 0.01 12 -4.93 -4.75
Margin Requirements for Cryptocurrencies

The calculation formula for margin for cryptocurrencies is “number of lots x lot size x market price x percentage / 100”..

  • The maximum leverage for cryptocurrencies is 20x.
  • The Company does not offer automatic rollover for new contracts of financial instruments that have an expiration date.

※Average spreads listed above are calculated throughout the day. Spreads tend to be tighter under normal market conditions. However, spreads may widen during periods of low liquidity, such as just before the end of a session or on weekends, when market conditions could be volatile due to important news outcomes, periods of political instability or unpredictable events.

※Swap rate is calculated based on the interbank rate of the index currency. A buy position will be charged at the interbank rate of the currency in question plus the price increase, while a sell position will receive the rate minus the price increase.

About Cryptocurrency Trading

Margin trading is margin trading for cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies). Unlike “physical trading” where cryptocurrencies are actually bought and sold, cryptocurrencies are characterized by the fact that buy or sell orders can be held in anticipation of future price increases or decreases, and only the difference in price fluctuations can be received as profit or paid as loss.
SvoFX offers four valuable crosses on the MT4 platform. Each one is traded against the US dollar and is traded like any other currency platform.