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Automated Trading

Automated Trading RobotGrid Trading

Profit from using Pipsbot’s grid bots and sleep at night.


Automated trading robots independent of intelligent cloud technology to lead grid trading.

Automated Trading

For Bigginer

FIf you are a beginner in Forex, you can start with an automated Forex trading tool with simple settings. Just set it up and wait.

For Expert

From the novice trader to the expert, it can be used as a risk diversification tool along with discretionary trading.

What is Grid Trade?

Grid trading is a strategy in which the trader sets up a grid to trade at an arbitrary width set by the trader.

It is a trading strategy that allows traders to automatically buy low and sell high in a specific price range. The use of grid trading significantly avoids erroneous trading decisions caused by human factors. It performs best in volatile markets where prices fluctuate at specific intervals. By automatically executing low buy orders in response to high sell orders, there is no need to predict the direction of market movements, as profits are guaranteed every time the sell price is higher than the buy price during a lateral price move. The trading robot strictly controls the price range strategy set by the trader.

Automated Trading

Charm of ”Grid Trade By Pipisbot”

Steadily and Reliably

Exchange rates are difficult to predict which way they will go. It is very effective to buy low and sell high at prices based on a specified strategy and order to accumulate small profits with zero human decision errors.

Free from the constraints of time

FAlthough the ability to trade 24 hours a day is a great advantage of Forex, you may miss profit opportunities because you cannot respond to fluctuations while you are sleeping or working.
Trading robots automatically buy and sell at any time and repeat trades 24 hours a day, allowing you to make your own time and profit efficiently.

Available for free

Showcase your unique trading skills, unique methods and high performance to build assets with many followers.

Grid trading

Grid Trade By Pipisbot

Successfully utilize both discretionary and automated trading to maximize profits,
diversify risk, and bring your portfolio strategy closer to success!

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