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Trading and Investment Strategies with SvoFX

Best Trading Environment

Best Trading Environment

Ultra-fast trading with the industry’s narrowest spreads. Sound leverage and transparent trading with no conflicts of interest with traders. No restrictions on bilateral trades or scalping.

Social Trading

Social Trading

You can choose from a selection of successful master traders and incorporate their trader trading methods into your trading account.


Success Strategies Tools

Signal Trading and PIPSBOT Automated Trading are efficient and successful strategies, plus an integrated application of profit tools that take advantage of Analyze News and sophisticated charts.

Latest Technology


Most secure and ultra-fast

A series of processes from order placement and trade execution to settlement are automated and handled consistently by the electronic system. We believe that the most important aspect of trading is to ensure that the customer’s desired rate is executed reliably and promptly. Our ultra-fast optimized servers are located in Equinix data centers and are the safest, most reliable, and most sustainable in performance, minimizing the stress that traders have been under.


Low Latency

Latency affects your trading strategy and, more importantly, your profits, and SvoFX has built a robust network technology to support ultra-fast trading, which significantly reduces latency. Offering low-latency connections with increased trading speeds, which results in faster updates and superior pricing. Minimize transaction costs by significantly reducing the potential for slippage.

Services Platform, Promise of SvoFX

Fair Tradng

Fair and Transparent Trading

SvoFX is a NDD (No Dealing Desk) broker. All orders flow automatically through Liquidity Providers (LPs) to the interbank market without the need for dealers.

Strong point

Strong point in the financial field

SvoFX is able to provide the best trading environment for its traders by building strong relationships with many of the leading financial institutions in the interbank market.

Customer Support

Customer Support

SvoFX owns an experienced customer service support team, provides a package solution, and makes sure that clients can pleasantly and securely conduct trading.

Security of clients' fund

Security of Clients’ Fund

As a company authorised and regulated by the financial regulator, SvoFX has procedures in place to keep our clients’ funds safe. All client deposits are kept in a separate trust account which is completely separate from our own funds. If SvoFX were to go bankrupt or otherwise fail, the funds would not be used to pay or repay creditors.

Our software

Our Software

MetaTrader 4, with a complete technical analysis package and over 30 built-in indicators, ensures that you never miss a trading opportunity on your Windows PC as well as on your mobile devices with iPhone, iPad, and Android. In addition, the trading application “SVO” (iOS/Android) is a high-class FX application with signals and automated trading on sophisticated charts.

Fast deposit and withdrawal

Fast deposit and withdrawal

SvoFX can quickly respond to clients’ request for deposit and withdrawal. Clients can pleasantly and securely transfer and manage fund.

Unique Points to Choose SvoFX

Easy Fund Managementt

Full account-specific wallet features. Centralized management of all your funds including trades and social profits.

Open multiple accounts

You can open up to 8 trading accounts. Manage your earnings and risk of loss by diversifying your trading style.

Support in Japanese

Customer support by Japanese and Japanese-speaking staff.